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KFHL Old Timers 2023 GAMES

KFHL Old Timers 2023 GAMES
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Game 1: Bandits 3 Diners 1

Scoring for the series was opened by Evan Fisher who scored for the Bandits on an assist from his brother Isaac Fisher. Game 1 was a battle throughout but Evan Fisher’s 3 point game along with Tyler Huver’s goaltending performance led the Bandits to a 1-0 series lead. Ford Faynor and Isaac Fisher scored the two remaining goals for the Bandits while Logan Ramey scored the sole goal assisted by Corbin Hasselback for the Diners.

Game 2: Bandits 0 Diners 4

Scoring on goaltender Lucas Miller proved to be a difficult task in this game. Along with stellar defense from the Diners, the first goal of the game scored by Carson Hasselback was all that was needed in this one. Two additional goals were scored by Logan Ramey in this one with one scored into the empty net from Justin Schliep.

Game 3: Bandits 3 Diners 5

At least one game in each series every year seems to have pucks going into the net at will and this was that game. The Bandits were able to crack the code of scoring on Lucas Miller with three goals having one goal each from Ford Faynor, Walker Skelton, and Andrew Schliep. On the other end of the court the Diners put up goals by committee with a goal a piece from Quentin Faynor, Carson Hasselback, and Logan Ramey, along with two goals in the game from Belle Bronson. 

Game 4: Bandits 2 Diners 1 OT

Game four of the series saw the scoring dramatically decrease as each and every goal from here on out would not be easy to get. A goal a piece in regulation from Walker Skelton and Logan Ramey saw the game tied up 1-1 in the 3rd period. This is where the save of the tournament occurred. Carson Hasselback took a pass right out front and was in all alone for a fantastic chance. Tyler Huver, while moving to his left was able to reach back out with his right arm to make a phenomenal save to likely keep the series alive for the Bandits. Eventually, after a long overtime period, the puck found its way to Evan Fisher who put the puck in the net to send the series to a winner takes all game 5.

Game 5: Bandits 2 Diners 3 OT

Game 5 was just as good as game 4. Logan Ramey opened up the scoring for the Diners in the first period. Not too long into the second period Walker Skelton tied the game up with and assist on the goal from Ford Faynor. Later in the second period Logan Ramey again scores with an assist going to Carson Hasselback. Down 2-1 Walker Skelton took a shot and Lucas Miller was able to make the glove save. However when looking to make a quick pass out to his defender, he dropped the puck and it bounced right into his own net giving Walker his second goal of the game. Beyond this plenty of shots occurred but nothing easy was going to get behind Lucas Miller or Tyler Huver in net from this point on. Overtime began and it was a quick start from the Bandits getting a shot on net fast but it was saved by Miller. The Diners came back fast and Carson Hasselback fought to get into a good position behind the net and send a great pass out front where Logan Ramey was able to put away the game winning goal as the Diners took the game and the series by a score of 3-2. 



Pictures of the day !
Dream Journal Bandits
Tyler Huver (C)
Ford Faynor (A)
Walker Skelton
Andrew Schliep
Isaac Fisher
Evan Fisher
Annica Barlow
Wade Porritt

Wine and Diners:
Lucas Miller (C)
Logan Ramey (A)
Quentin Faynor 
Carson Hasselback 
Corbin Hasselback
Justin Schliep
Belle Bronson
Westin Fisher

Winers & Diners
Dream Journal Bandits


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