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 1.) Do your playoff goals and assists count towards your career

2.) Who was the best Bruin goalie?

3.)Grant Adrianson was not on the 2009 best defense list. Was that due to an oversite or a slight?

4.)What team has won the most playoffs?  

5.)What is the largest amount of goals scored by one player in one season?

6.)Who will be the MVP this year?

7.)How do you pick the MVP?
8.)Who are
                                    the top Senators ever?
9.)Who has had the most goals
                                    for the Canadians ?

Answers will appear here ! 


1.)No, the career stats are just regular season.  

2.)Here is a list of the best Bruin goalies in each of the 24 years they have been in the KFHL. A good argument could be made that Darcy Meade, who was the best goalie in the league (based on goals against average) in 1999, was the "best" of the best.

 1989 Jeff Hay

 1990  Shawn Bryan

1991  Joel Mittelstaedt

1992  Kevin Aspinall

1993  John Shook

1994  Pat Kenyon

1995  Lacey Owen

1996 Jason Silsbee

1997 Nick Newton

1998  Kevin Fassett

1999 Darcey Meade *

2000  Darcey Meade

2001 Caleb Suntken

2002 Josh Hall

2003  Josh Hall

2004  Josh Hall

2005  Jennifer Powers

2006  Jesse Powers

2007 Jennifer Powers

2008 Ryan Mudge

2009 Logan Ramey

2010 Nick Caldwell

2011 Isaac Fisher

2012 Noah Meyers

3.)  Neither one ! Grant ( who some might argue was one of the best D in the KFHL when he played in that position) didn't play on defense in enough periods to make the list in 2009. He was in goal for the Kings a lot (16 of 33 possible periods) and was among the top in that position.

4.)The Canadiens have been the KFHL Playoff Champions on 5 occasions(1998, 1999, 2001, 2005 & 2011. The Maple Leafs have won 4 and Red Wings have won 3 Playoff Championships. The Bruins, Flyers, Blackhawks, Kings, Northstars, and Senators twice were Playoff Champs.  

5.)Ben Fox scored an incredible 31 goals for the Red Wings in the 1999 KFHL season. In the 2000 season Drew Kersjes had 30 to come close. (Those were both in 11 game seasons.) 

6.)The MVP is only chosen for the Playoffs each year (not for the regular season).

7.) The MVP of the playoffs (there isn't one picked for the regular KFHL season) is chosen for being the one team member most responsible for the Playoff Champions winning the playoffs.

 8.)The Senators had many very good players over the years they were in the KFHL. Gunner Tobias had the most goals. Go to the Senators page to see some of the rest listed.  

9.) The Canadien who scored the most goals during his time as a Canadien(1999-2002) was Bandon Courtney with 53. He had 72 points altogether during those years. He holds the record for goals in a season by a Canadien with 26 in 2002. Interestingly, he didn't play as a sixth grader in 2003 ! Owen Bailey's 19 in 2014 is the second highest for them in one season.

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