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2013 Playoffs

Retiring Canadien's celebrate with KFHL Tray
H.Creller,T. Martin, J.Brighton, & J.Denton

First Round Games

Monday Feb. 28th

Maple Leafs 2 Blues 1

The Blues had the best regular season in the team’s KFHL history this year, while the Leafs barely made the Playoffs after several years absence. The teams regular season game however, had been close, with the Blues winning 1 to 0. The two teams were unable to get too many chances on goal for much of the first period, due to their defensive units fine play. However, with less than three minutes to play in the period Blues unguarded center Parker Hall jumped on a clearing pass and smashed it into the Leaf net past goalie Andrew Shaver. It was the last he would allow, as he again had a very good game. Less than a minute later Maple Leaf center Kolten Hosey ( who had let Hall get off the earlier scoring shot), smacked a long blast from his own end of the floor that ended up in the back of the Blues net. His brother Dalton was also able to score on a fairly long shot with a little over three minutes left in the second period to put the Leafs ahead. Neither team could get anything past the goalies in the third period of the game giving the Leafs the upset win.

Northstars 9 Penguins 2

The Northstars jumped all over the Penguins in the first period of this tilt for five goals, with Evan Adrianson getting four of them. Jacob Fulford had a goal for the Pens in the first and Stevan Linn got one for them in the second, but the Stars dominated play for most of the game. Eston Sheldon had a pair of goals with Michael Royal, Mark Dixon, and Gena Remsing also getting one apiece for the Northstars as they cruised into the semifinals.

Friday March 4th

Rangers 5 Bruins 4

These two teams had a close regular season game with the Bruins coming out on top and at the end of the first period in this one it was tied at two apiece. The Rangers then had a big second period with three unanswered goals. Early in the third however the Bruins mounted a comeback with two goals to close the gap to one. A determined Ranger defense and some nice saves by their goalie Carson Hassleback held them off for the rest of the game to gain the victory. The Rangers had a hat trick by Aaron Gorman and two goals by Tyler Huver. Collyn Tuller had a hat trick and Caleb Krive one goal for the Bruins.

Canadiens 5 Flyers 2

The Flyers got an early goal by Nicholas Caldwell in the first period, but the Canadiens had tied it up before the period was finished and then pulled ahead to stay when they got three unanswered goals in the second. Each team had a third period goal. Canadien goalie Tony Martin had his usual well played game in goal with strong support from his defense team led by Holden Creller and Gage Sisson both of whom had a very strong game. Alex Musser had a hat trick and Jacob Brighton two goals for the Canadiens. Gavin Booher had the other Flyer tally.

Monday March 7th Semi-final games

Canadiens 7 Maple Leafs 1

The Canadiens jumped off to an early lead getting three in the first period. The Leafs only managed to spoil Canadien goalie Tony Martin's shutout attempt with a third period Alissa Bowerman goal. The Canadiens had a hat trick by Jacob Brighton,as well as a pair of goals each by Aaron Shaver and Jonah Denton.

Northstars 5 Rangers 1

After a scoreless first period the Northstars star center Evan Adrianson had a second period hat trick to put them in the lead to stay. Tyler Huver got the only goal of the game for the Rangers in the second period and then Michael Royal had two for the Stars in the third period.


Canadiens 3 Northstars 2

The Northstars carried the play into the Canadien end for most of the first period, but weren't able to show anything for it until with less than a minute to play their center Lane Pixley snagged a weak clearing pass up the middle and lifted a shot into the Canadien net. Just 10 seconds later however the Canadiens came back when Jacob Brighton took a Alex Musser pass and smashed one passed Northstar goalie Mark Dixon.

The second period began with a Star powerplay that had shot after shot on Canadien goalie Tony Martin until finally Michael Royal was able to lift one past him with assists by Evan Adrianson and Dixon (who had moved to forward for the rest of the game). The play then went back and forth until, with just under two minutes to play in the period, Canadien defenseman Holden Creller sent the puck out of his end of the floor down to Alex Musser who was able to beat the Stars new goalie Eston Sheldon with a quick shot.

The third period saw both goalies, Martin and Sheldon, make some good saves to keep it tied with less than a minute to play. It looked as though overtime was going to be needed when with only 41 seconds remaining the Canadiens, who were being pressed in their own end, got a break. Jacob Brighton, who had done a great job all game guarding the KFHL all time scoring leader Evan Adrianson, passed the puck down to a waiting Jonah Denton. Sheldon was able to come out and stop Denton's first shot. He wasn't able to control the rebound however, and before any defensive help could arrive Denton was able to pounce on it and slam it home. The Stars pulled their goalie for another attacker, but the Canadiens were able to run out the clock for their 5th KFHL Playoff Championship.

The traditional handshake following the game.
2011 KFHL Playoff MVP

2011 KFHL Playoff Champion Canadiens

team           player                                                      goals          assists            total points
CN Jacob Brighton                                   6            7               13    
NS   Evan Adrianson                                7            2                9     
NS  Michael Royal                                   4            2                6     
CN  Alex Musser                                     4            2                6    
BR  Collyn Tuller                                      3            1                4      
NS  Elizabeth Rushford                             0           4                 4     
CN Jonah Denton                                     3           0                 3     
RG Tyler Huver                                         3           0                 3     
RG Aaron Gorman                                    3           0                 3     
NS Eston Sheldon                                   2            1                 3    
RG  Ford Faynor                                      0            3                 3    
NS  Mark Dixon                                       0            3                 3    
ML Kolten Hosey                                     1            1                 2    
CN Holden Creller                                    0            2                 2    
NS  Brittney Kirby                                    0           2                  2   

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